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PanoLink - QuickTime hotspotting under Windows

With PanoLink you can create three different hotspot types.

First type for browser plugin-in mainly ( call it A ).
It works through the browser QuickTime plug-in and also supported with JAVA PTViewer. If you're planning to show your virtual tours through the WEB this is the good option as you can offer two different viewer solution to the visitors of your site. If they don't have (and don't want to download about 10MB of QuickTime installer) they could use 30KB JAVA applet instead. See sample vr tour (276KB+202KB+232KB+282KB).

Second type ( call it B ) works good with browser plug-in and standalone QuickTime player but don't supported with PTViewer. Type B has more options then type A. It shows hotspot's name in status bar when cursor is over hotspot, it has more flexible initial view parameters (the same movie has different initial view depends from where it was called), it also works with LiveStage (type A hotspots are "invisible" for this program). See sample vr tour (276KB+202KB+232KB+281KB).

Third type ( call it C ) is so called "blob" hotspots. The movie don't contain any information about the links. Just hotspots track is embedded. You need to use additional html code to link this hotspots with external files or actions. Good for situations when you need to code the hotspot action in the html. See sample vr tour (276KB).

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