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PanoLink - QuickTime hotspotting under Windows
  • PanoLink is a program for linking QuickTime cubic movies to create interactive virtual tours. It works under all Windows Operating Systems. The program has no GUI and works in drag & drop mode only. Find more from the program's Help file (61KB).
  • With PanoLink you can:
      -create up to 255 hotspots on any cube faces;
      -create three types of hotspots;
      -create rectangular hotspots with built-in painter (quick way);
      -create free form hotspots with external image editor (slower);
      -preserve all source movie's user data.
  • PanoLink may not work with:
      -movies compressed other than with JPEG;
      -cylinder movies;
      -cubic movies with split tiles;
      -movies with embedded sprites or sounds.
  • PanoLink is very small and quick (it creates and paints large hotspot tiles quicker than any image editor can open them).
  • PanoLink is distributed under a "Single User License" at the introductory price of $28.00 US.
Special thanks to Martin Bond (.ca) and Thomas Zapf (.de) for help in running of Qthis project

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