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PanoCUBE - QuickTime on Windows
  • PanoCube is utility for creating of QuickTime cubic movies from equirectangular panoramas. It works under all Windows OS. The program has no GUI and works in drag & drop mode only.
  • With PanoCube you can:
      -converts equirectangular (jpg, tif, bmp) panoramas to the QuickTime cubic movies; 
      -converts Smooth Move's .pan files to the QuickTime cubic movies with preserving of all initial view data;
      -customize parameters for movie's window size/pan/pitch/zoom/compression; 
      -generate valid html code for embedding of your movie.
  • PanoCube is high-performance portable application (16KB only) written in assembler.
  • PanoCube is free, download it.
  • Get even more with PanoCube plus - read here

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